lawn design

Lawn Renovation: What You Need to Know

A well-maintained lawn is just as important as a home’s exterior design. If you want to increase the value of your property, you also need to make sure the lawn gets the same care and attention you give to your home. Even a small bald patch in your yard can seriously dent the curb appeal

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Vet petting a dog

Why Veterinarians Should Target More Millennials as Customers

  Veterinary clinics should focus on promotional products for veterinarians—particularly pet food—especially when they target millenials as their customers. Millennial pet owners account for the biggest share of spending on food for their animal companions. In fact, 35% of all pet owners in the U.S. belong to this generation. The American Pet Products Association (APPA)

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angry dog

Thoughts on Training an Aggressive Dog

There are two options for training an aggressive dog. First, you can punish aggressive behavior with methods like collar shockers to beat the animal into submission. The hope is that you dissuade him from aggressiveness. Second, you can address the bottom line — the cause of the aggression. Many people who visit a dog trainer

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Dog biting a leather leash

Basic Things you Need to Know about Dog Training 

Dogs are some of the most intelligent pets you can have. They also love to socialize with humans. They sometimes need more attention from their “furrents” rather than food. This is one of the few reasons they are considered as the best family pet. Teaching a few tricks is an excellent way to bond with

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woman and her dog playing on the grass

Living Elevated with Man’s Best Friend

Certain conditions in Utah can pose slight problems for your trusted companion. The elevation, air quality, and constant earthquakes are some of the things that your dog needs to get used to, and you need to do your part to make sure that he does. A Whole Lot of Shaking Going on Earthquakes are a

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