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A Tree Peony by Saunders in 1948. I am not convinced that the plant in general circulation in the trade is the true plant. Saunders’ own notes desctribe the flower as ‘pearled lavender with darker shadings, varied to palest green’. Only one image on Burkhardt’s web-site migt match this description and and my own plant certianly does not. In 2012 it was indistinguishable from my plant of ‘Princess’. I have spoken to my supplier, Herr Tetzlaff who assures me that it is correct, and it certainly matches the published photos, but NOT Saunders’ written description. In subsequent years (to 2015) an early variation in colour has ceased and I am now convinced that my plant has flowers, foliage and time of flowering that are identical to ‘Princess’. I have since found a supplier who is offering ‘Mystery’ in a form whose image and description matches Saunders’ own and I am hoping to obtain a plant. If I do, its flowers will be shown here. Plant Source: Stephan Tetzlaff