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Lan Bao Shi
Declared by the authorities to be a Central Plains plant, mine looks remarkably like some hybrids that have Rockii in their blood, such as the highly regarded ‘Dojean’ (which has more frilled edges to its petals). However, these two pictures are from its first flowering and so in future years it may conform more to the double type seen on web illustrations. The pink tinge in the petals is transient and they become very nearly white. As the flower first opens the pink has a slight bluish cast. The name means ‘Blue Jewel’ Note: May 2015. I suspect that this plant is not true to name, having compared it with the illustration in Dr.Martin Page’s book. I have bought another from a nursery that flowers the plants before selling them, to ensure they are correct, so I will soon be able to compare flowers.   Plant Source: Imberhorne Nurseries.