Lactiflora  Peonies These herbaceous peonies are probably the most widespread types in gardens throughout the UK. They are not regarded as hybrids, being crosses from differing forms of the same species - lactiflora. Non-specialist garden centres will usually stock these plants, often to the exclusion of other herbaceous types. Commonly available cultivars are: Bowl of Beauty, Kelways Glorious,Pink Cameo,Festiva Maxima, Primevere and Sarah Bernhardt. Hovering the mouse over the images below reveals plant details -  clicking pops up a larger image.
Mrs Franklin D.Roosevelt Tom Eckhardt White Cap Bowl of Beauty Kelways Glorious Lady Alexandra Duff Madame Calot Primevere Honey Gold Pink Cameo
However, despite some problems of habit, few will deny the beauty of these earlier introductions and the British ones, mostly created by Kelways, are well worthy of being grown, especially as Kelways are slowly re-introducing the less well known varieties.
The Peony Society
Most of these are very old introductions but such a large number of the newer varieties produced in America,Germany and France since the Great War exhibit better garden qualities (primarily by being less straggly and inclined to flop over) that many of the older varities have been superseded, at least in terms of habit.